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Build AI Chatbots Speaking Your Data Language.


Botgenuity is a no-code AI chatbot builder designed to empower individuals and businesses to create, train, and deploy conversational chatbots across various channels effortlessly.

Key Features of Botgenuity

– Multilingual Support: Tailored embedding models for diverse linguistic needs.
– White Labeling: Custom domains for all public interactions and notifications.
– Versatile Training Data: Accepts a wide range of document types and online sources, with scheduled updates.
– Lead Generation: Automated collection of lead information, with seamless export options. An option for the chatbot to request contact details if human assistance is needed.
– Custom Workflows & Integrations: Enhanced with webhooks for real-time external actions.
– Chat History: Comprehensive records of all interactions.

Upcoming Features:
– AI Question Report: Insights into common questions and areas for improvement.
– Expanded Integrations: Including Zapier, WhatsApp, and WordPress.
– Speech-to-Text Training: Utilizing audio sources for bot training.
– YouTube Videos: Train chatbots on YouTube videos.
– AI Appointment Scheduler: Intelligent scheduling based on calendar availability.
– Custom functions: Allows fetching custom data on the bot’s request or do some custom actions.

Botgenuity Use Cases


Envision possessing a dedicated AI customer support representative, proficient and available to assist your visitors on the website at any hour, any day of the year.

This chatbot is equipped with comprehensive knowledge about your business, enabling it to engage with your customers in a cordial and conversational tone, swiftly addressing their inquiries.

Capable of managing numerous interactions simultaneously, this tool can perform the tasks of various individuals efficiently and in a manner that aligns with your brand’s identity.


Botgenuity enables the transformation of your chatbot into a proficient sales assistant. This assistant is equipped to address customer inquiries while also facilitating the sales journey.

By understanding customer needs, the chatbot is capable of initiating additional queries to interact with the customer effectively and finalize transactions.

Consider the potential increase in sales when you employ a capable sales assistant to manage all your chat interactions promptly and proficiently, around the clock.

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