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Caffeinated CX

Transform customer support with Caffeinated AI – 10x efficiency guaranteed


Caffeinated CX is an AI-powered tool that revolutionizes customer support efficiency. With an average 37% reduction in full resolution times, Caffeinated AI enables teams to provide faster and more effective support to their customers. Implementation of this tool is a breeze, taking only 57 seconds to set up and integrate with all support softwares.

One of the standout features of Caffeinated AI is its ability to answer 39% of inquiries on its own. By leveraging its machine learning capabilities, Caffeinated AI can handle tier 1 support tasks, freeing up your team to focus on more complex issues. This not only saves time but also empowers your team instead of replacing them.

Caffeinated AI seamlessly integrates with popular support software such as Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, and Intercom. It can also be easily plugged into any support software, providing a boost to your customer success team regardless of the platform you use.

Customization and training are key strengths of Caffeinated AI. The AI is trained using your knowledge center, website, and previous answers to tickets, ensuring that it is well-versed in your specific business and industry. It offers clear insights into customer experience and continuously learns and improves over time. Additionally, Caffeinated AI intelligently tags conversations based on issues and sentiment, allowing for better organization and analysis of customer interactions.

In addition to its core features, Caffeinated AI offers a range of additional functionalities. It seamlessly integrates with commerce platforms, enabling support functions to be seamlessly integrated into the customer journey. The AI Macro feature suggests the most relevant macro for a given situation, further streamlining support processes. Caffeinated AI also supports over three dozen languages, making it a versatile tool for businesses operating globally.

Caffeinated CX is so confident in its capabilities that it guarantees to 10x your customer support efficiency. If you're not satisfied, you can get your money back. Moreover, it works with any support software, providing more value than any other tool on the market. With all the features and benefits mentioned, Caffeinated CX is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to supercharge their customer support and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.

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