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CX Genie

AI-powered chatbot for automating routine tasks and personalizing interactions


CX Genie is a customizable AI chatbot designed to transform customer interactions and elevate your business by providing exceptional customer support. It can instantly resolve up to 68% of customer messages, automate tasks, personalize responses, and gather feedback.

The top benefits of using CX Genie for online businesses are:
– Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: CX Genie's 24/7 AI chatbots ensure seamless support, eliminating wait times and boosting satisfaction through proactive interactions and personalized recommendations.
– Reduced Customer Support Costs: Automation of routine tasks frees up your agents, while self-service chatbots handle inquiries, saving you from high costs while enabling high-quality support.
– Improved Efficiency and Productivity: Chatbots tackle a wide range of queries, while accessing real-time data, streamlining operations and enhancing decision-making.
– Increased Sales and Revenue: Proactive engagement and personalized recommendations drive sales through upsells, upgrades, and referrals, while feedback fuels your product improvements.

Key Features of CX Genie

– Auto-Learning & Human-Powered Improvement: CX Genie learns from every conversation, adapts to user behavior, and constantly improves with human feedback.
– Effective Communication, Naturally: CX Genie uses friendly interactions with emojis and natural language for engaging experiences.
– Intent Detection & Personalized Messaging: CX Genie analyzes user input, understands intent, and delivers personalized messages tailored to their individual needs and preferences.
– Easy to use workspace: Everything you need to manage your chatbot is easily accessible in one place.
– Multiple data sources: Train and smarten up your chatbot with diverse information types to ensure it provides accurate and comprehensive responses (URLs, FAQs, Articles, Documents, and more)
– Hybrid model: Blend the best of both worlds by combining AI and real human conversation for the most personalized support.
– Message flow builder: Design personalized, interactive conversation paths based on customers’ choices.
– AI recommendations: Chatbot agents learn and respond in real-time to provide a sense of being seen, heard, and understood.
– Proactive engagement: Reduce support tickets and boost conversions with AI auto reply and suggestions.
– Your favorite platforms, integrated: Easily integrate your chatbot with various platforms, including Messenger, WhatsApp, Wordpress, Shopify, Google Sheets and more.

CX Genie Use Cases

CX Genie aims to make AI accessible for all businesses with just a few clicks.

CX Genie is for:
– Customer service teams
– E-commerce and retail businesses
– Marketing and sales teams
– Technology and software startups

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