The only no code AI Agents platform that lets you build chatbots for customer support, lead generation, appointment booking and internal knowledge base.

“Meet PrimeCX, your future to streamlined customer business interactions. Powered by AI, we offer an automated 24/7 customer support system, efficient lead generation, and hassle-free appointment scheduling. This not only reduces the need for businesses to hire additional employees but also cuts operational costs. Striking a balance between efficiency, precision, and automation, we strive to uplift business performance and productivity.

Key Features

Lead Generation:
Form Creation 1. Collect prospect data for admissions. – Create customizable lead generation forms with dynamic fields. – Enable/Disable form fields for flexibility. – Set form element order with sort options. – Manage lead forms efficiently with add/edit/delete options. – Map forms to specific chatbots for targeted interactions.
2. Capture diverse product inquiries for businesses.
3. Facilitate volunteer sign-ups for non-profits.
Lead Generation Setting 1. Optimize lead capture for webinar sign-ups. – Toggle lead generation On/Off. – Choose between pre and post-chat form appearances for varied user experiences.
2. Prompt users for feedback after chat interactions.
3. Schedule consultations seamlessly.
Lead Form Display in Chatbot 1. Capture leads during marketing webinars. – Dynamically display lead forms based on settings. – Trigger lead forms after idle chat to re-engage users.
2. Gather feedback with post-chat forms.
3. Schedule campus tours for prospective students.
Question/Answer (QA) QA Module 1. Provide instant information about courses. – Configure pre-set responses for common questions. – Add new questions and responses dynamically. – Consider CSV upload for efficient QA management.
2. Address FAQs on admission criteria.
3. Share details about upcoming events.
Calendar Booking Booking Appointments 1. Schedule counseling sessions effortlessly. – Specify text for appointment basis. – Integrate Google Calendar for streamlined availability.
2. Book campus tours with available slots.
3. Arrange faculty consultations seamlessly.
Agent Handoff Agent Handoff Setting 1. Transfer complex queries to live agents. – Enable/Disable agent handoff. – Select handoff channels (Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, etc.). – Customize email form for seamless handoff. – Provide public URL of chat at the time of handoff for reference.
2. Hand off admissions-related questions.
3. Redirect technical inquiries to experts.
Chatbot Customization Customization Features 1. Maintain brand consistency in chat. – Add company details for a personalized touch. – Customize chatbot colors, logo, and picture. – Set welcome messages and guidelines for a unique user experience.
2. Tailor chatbots for different departments.
3. Personalize chat experiences for users.
Data Upload for Training 1. Train chatbots with updated course catalogs. – Upload files up to 100MB (PDFs, DOCs, CSVs, website URLs). – Exclude specific URLs for focused training.
2. Incorporate new policies into chatbot’s knowledge.
3. Exclude outdated information for accuracy.
Trigger Words/Phrases 1. Address common admission queries. – Train bot for common interactions. – Configure responses for specific triggers.
2. Respond to queries about campus facilities.
3. Provide quick responses during orientation.
Review & Analytics Fine Tuning & Analytics 1. Correct course-related misinformation. – Manually fix inaccurate responses. – Review chat logs for continuous improvement. – Export chat data for further analysis.
2. Enhance chatbot responses for specific queries.
3. Analyze user interactions for continuous improvement.
Subscription Management 1. Manage subscription upgrades for increased usage. – Display available plans and features for user selection. – Monitor chatbot usage for billing accuracy. – Adjust plans based on evolving needs.
2. Monitor chatbot usage for billing accuracy.
3. Adjust plans based on evolving needs.
Agency Management Agency Dashboard 1. Track agency growth with client statistics. – Overview of clients, MRR, and total bots on the dashboard. – Update agency details for accurate branding. – Manage billing and subscriptions seamlessly.
2. Manage billing and subscriptions seamlessly.
3. Update agency details for accurate branding.
User Invitations & API 1. Collaborate with multiple team members. – Invite users to manage the agency account. – Add own ChatGPT API for advanced integrations.
2. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems.
3. Streamline API access for advanced users.
Additional Options Import Docs/PDF/XLS etc 1. Train chatbots with diverse document types. – Enable the import of documents in various formats (PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.).
Contact Form 1. Facilitate direct user interaction via contact forms. – Include editable contact forms within the chatbot for user inquiries.
Widget Customization 1. Customize the appearance and behavior of chat widgets. – Allow users to modify the chat widget’s appearance, including colors, logos, and positioning.
Assistant Customization 1. Tailor the assistant’s personality and tone. – Provide options to customize the chatbot’s responses, tone, and personality for brand alignment.
Share AI Agents 1. Collaborate and share configured AI agents. – Enable sharing of pre-configured AI agents between users or agencies for collaborative efforts.
Easy Integration 1. Simplify the integration process with other tools. – Facilitate easy integration with common platforms, ensuring seamless connectivity.
No Code Builder 1. Develop chatbots without coding skills. – Provide a user-friendly, no-code builder for chatbot creation and customization.
Fine Tuning 1. Refine chatbot responses for better accuracy. – Offer fine-tuning options to enhance the chatbot’s understanding and responses over time.
Multiple Languages Support 1. Serve users in their preferred languages. – Enable chatbots to communicate in multiple languages, catering to a diverse user base.

Use Cases

Unleash the Potential of PrimeCX Across a Spectrum of Industries and Applications.

Customer Support:
– Can Handle 1000+ chats simultaneously
– 24/7 customer service with immediate responses
– Saves time for human agents to tackle complex issues.
– Personalized Human-like conversations

Lead Generation:
– Capture customer details on the go
– Provide instant responses and resolutions
– Never miss a potential prospect
– Fill-up your teams pipeline with qualified leads

Appointment Setting:
– Automated lead engagement
– AI meeting scheduler
– Boost your Connect rate by 40%
– Get 30-50% more sales-ready meetings

Internal Knowledge Base:
– Enable your team to find solutions faster
– Engage with internal team
– AI copilot for knowledge sharing
– Help respond to customers faster

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