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NoForm AI

GPT-Powered AI Sales Assistant for websites


NoForm.ai is an AI Sales Assistant designed to increase leads on websites. Using an AI model akin to GPT technologies, it provides immediate responses to visitor questions, playing a vital role in maximising engagement and optimising the likelihood of potential purchases.

The AI assistant easily adapts to and can be integrated into numerous website hosting platforms, including WordPress, Wix, Webflow, among others, with simple copy-pasting of the code.

The tool also includes a feature for auto-qualifying website visitors based on pre-determined business criteria and subsequently converting them into a meeting once they are deemed suitable leads.

Given its no-coding requirement, the tool is easy to set up and fully-customizable to meet varying business needs. Additionally, the tool complies with necessary security standards, thus providing a reliable solution for businesses aiming to capture more leads.

Key Features of NoForm AI

– GPT-4 powered
– Trained on your website
– GDPR compliant
– No-code
– White-label
– Fully customizable
– Easily embeds on websites

NoForm AI Use Cases

– Lead generation: NoForm.ai automatically qualifies website visitors, based on your pre-set business criteria. Once a visitor is qualified, our AI Sales Assistants converts them into a meeting.
– Gather insights: Dive deep into your visitorโ€™s conversations and uncover their needs and pain points. Use these insights to improve your website and marketing materials.
– Instant replies: Consumers are 78% more likely to make a purchase from the company that responds first. Thatโ€™s why we use AI to respond instantly so you can close more deals with less effort.

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