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SmartChat Assistant

Craft customized AI Assistants for any website.


SmartChat Assistant offers a dynamic platform to create, customize, and integrate intelligent chatbots effortlessly. Our no-code dashboard makes it accessible to a broad range of users. Integrate with your own knowledge base to create industry-specific AI Assistants, ensuring precise and tailored interactions for users.

SmartChat Assistant can be embedded into your existing website or application, ensuring a hassle-free and cohesive user experience. Enjoy a variety of features including human handover capabilities, adaptability for both private and group chats, and the ability to track and collate unanswered questions for knowledge based enhancement.

Whether you operate in healthcare, e-commerce, education, or finance, SmartChat Assistant offers a versatile solution, adapting to the unique demands of different industries. For businesses in the healthcare sector, SmartChat Assistant offers a dedicated HIPAA-compliant version, ensuring secure and compliant interactions.

Key Features of SmartChat Assistant

Key features include:
– User-friendly dashboard for easy customization without extensive coding.
– Seamlessly integrates with OpenAI, local data sources, and existing websites.
– Adaptable for private or group chats making it extremely versatile.
– Can be easily integrated with local knowledge base (including PDFs and URLs) to create industry-specific bots and tailored interactions.
– A dedicated HIPAA-compliant version caters to the specific needs of the healthcare sector.
– Easily embeds into any websites or applications for a seamless user experience.
– Human handover capabilities are available; where the assistant can’t provide a satisfactory response, it seamlessly redirects the query to alternative sources.

SmartChat Assistant Use Cases

There are limitless possible use cases for SmartChat Assistant, because you are able to infuse the AI Assistant with any knowledge base and embed directly into any website or application with our no-code widget. Examples of key use cases include:

Customer Support: Efficiently handles customer queries, providing instant responses and administrative support to agents

Healthcare: Serves as a co-pilot to healthcare professionals. Facilitates patient engagement and adheres to healthcare compliance. HIPAA compliant

E-commerce: Guides users, answers inquiries, and offers personalized recommendations, providing sales agents with support.

Education and Finance: Versatile applications for tailored interactions and improved operational efficiency.

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