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Smith.ai Chatbot

AI-powered customer service with 24/7 live receptionists and industry-specific solutions for accelerated growth.


Smith.ai is a powerful tool that combines AI technology with human expertise to provide exceptional customer service. With a team of trained agents who work seamlessly with AI, Smith.ai ensures that every customer interaction is handled with care and efficiency.

In today's digital age, businesses can't afford to miss calls. That's where Smith.ai's 24/7 live receptionists come in. Working in tandem with AI, these receptionists ensure that no call goes unanswered, allowing businesses to capture every opportunity for growth. Whether it's a potential new client or an existing customer, Smith.ai's virtual receptionists provide friendly and remarkable results, helping businesses grow their sales pipeline.

But Smith.ai doesn't stop at phone calls. They also offer website chat solutions that combine the best of both worlds – bots and humans. Website chat is an effective channel for pre-sales inquiries and customer support, and Smith.ai's chat experiences are designed to be faster, more natural, and more helpful. By offering both bots and humans, businesses can provide a personalized and efficient chat experience for their website visitors, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

One of the key strengths of Smith.ai is its ability to cater to specific industries. Whether you're a law firm, a home services provider, a software company, or a marketing agency, Smith.ai has industry-specific solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. With over 5,000 software system integrations, calls, chats, and appointments are automatically logged in your existing systems, making it seamless for you to manage and track customer interactions. Trusted by over 3,000 businesses and backed by high ratings, Smith.ai is a reliable partner for businesses looking to streamline their operations and enhance their customer experience.

By choosing Smith.ai, businesses can accelerate their growth. With affordable plans to suit every budget, Smith.ai allows businesses to focus on their core work while their virtual receptionists handle lead qualification and conversion. Smith.ai acts as a plug-and-play intake process and a built-in sales machine, ensuring that businesses can maximize their revenue potential.

In summary, Smith.ai is an AI-powered tool that combines the best of AI technology and human expertise to provide exceptional customer service. With features like 24/7 live receptionists, website chat solutions, industry-specific solutions, and accelerated growth opportunities, Smith.ai is the go-to choice for businesses looking to enhance their customer experience and drive their sales growth.

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